Started Goddess of Colour – Colour analysis and colour advice for clothing.

My Fascination with colour started when I was young. Colour defines ambience, and it can influence your mood. Colour surrounds us everywhere we are, and the colours we notice come from nature and the seasons.

I began working as a colour consultant because I wanted to delvelop deeper into colour, and I wanted to have an advising roll in helping people to know and live with colour to the fullest.

For me, colour analysis and advice is what I love to do. I love colour, and I love to advise others about the the right colours for them, to shine and to be inspired, while remaining true to their own identity.

A colour analysis will reinforce your personal style, and reinforce your confidence. Colour analysis saves time and money, allowing you to make quicker clothing and colour choices, and reducing the likelihood of purchasing the wrong items.

If you look good, you will shine, you will feel better, and you will feel more in balance.

Would you like to make an appointment or want more information you can send me an email : info@marlousderoode.com